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UPDATE: 10/16/2004 I have now managed through editing the text music files to change the music that plays on starting so that I can extract each piece of music on the game. I am not sure what some pieces are but I've named them using names similar to those in the games music directories. It is directly recorded from the digital outputs of my sound card into another computer, and encoded at the very highest possible setting.
I've packed it up using BitTorrent since I do not have enough space here.

Evil Genius Sound Track Torrent

OLDER: My attempts to extract the files. I've managed to get all of the file unpacked.

Evil Genius erb extractor V0.1

How to use.
Put the exe into the ResourcePAK directory
Open a command prompt
cd \Program Files\VUGames\Evil Genius Demo\ResourcePak\
then to extract a file



erbreader AudioResource.erb
erbreader LResource_en_UK.erb
erbreader Resource.erb

These will unpack into a directory called the same name as the erb file.

There are 1000s of files in there so be eyeful of the disk space. Enjoy it :)
I will do some more on this, and give the code out as well. We are so going to be able to mod this game ;)

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